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Leveraging Groovy Goodness with Spring 4.0

Anyone working with the Spring framework for any length of time knows what a time saver it can be for managing dependency injections, weaving in some AOP, wrapping complex, low-level APIs with elegant, simple abstractions and more. Now, there’s an easy way to make your Spring beans even simpler to define, declare, and use to take your Spring development to an even higher level: Just mix in a little Groovy! Adding Groovy helps make your Spring application development faster and easier, requiring less code, increasing fluency and decreasing ceremony – precisely the kinds of benefits Spring developers hunger for.

In this presentation, we start out with some discussion of the Groovy language and how simple it is to mix it into your project. This part was specifically designed for the Java developer familiar with Spring, but with little or no exposure to Groovy. However, even experienced Groovy developers could pick up a nugget or two, especially about the newest Groovy version. Then we move on to bringing Groovy to bear in Spring 4.0 application development. Some of these topics could also apply to earlier Spring versions, but were focused on using Groovy with Spring 4.0.

In the talk, we cover these topics:

This talk is designed for Java / Spring developers who want to achieve higher productivity by judiciously using Groovy with Spring. It’s also a great talk for Groovy developers who want to learn a bit about using Spring and Groovy together without having to use Grails. There will be lots of code shown and several live code demos.

This will be a full 90+ minute talk, so you’re definitely going to get your money’s worth!

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