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Java 8: A Game Changer

Just a few years ago, it looked like Java’s best days were behind it. All the developer “trend setters” seemed to migrating to Ruby, Groovy, Scala, Clojure and even JavaScript. Many Java developers wondered if it was time for them to defect from the Java camp. Then came Java 8.

Java 8 introduced many enhancements including new command line tools, security enhancements, JavaFX changes, and more. It also introduced a new Date-Time API for making working with dates less tedious and error-prone. All of these are useful additions, but none are game changers.

In contrast, Java 8’s new functional programming additions are truly game changers. New functional constructs added to the language include lambda expressions, streams, method references, default methods, and more. These dramatic new additions will inspire you to program in fluent and functional ways that will liberate you focus on implementing functionality rather than imperatively instructing the computer how to do things. For shifting to a functional style of programming, you’ll be rewarded with cleaner, more maintainable code that you’ll be passionate about writing.

This talk highlights essential elements of these functional programming additions to Java 8. By the time you leave the talk, your mind will be racing with all the ways you can leverage these features to write cleaner code that’s more fluent, less imperative, and more easily maintained – all without leaving the comfort of our newly invigorated Java language.


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