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Architect’s Guide to Bootstrapping a Software Project

When the opportunity arises for development of a new application, or the modernization of an old one, the architect is faced with a myriad of often conflicting choices. There are so many choices there’s a significant risk of falling into analysis paralysis or simply defaulting to safe solutions. (“No one ever got fired for choosing IBM.”) On the other side of risk adversity lies RDD – Resume Driven Design – where all the newest, riskiest technologies are thrown into the application mix mostly so one’s resume will include bleeding edge technologies.

This talk explores some architectural trade-offs and lays out a road map for successfully architecting a new project, with key emphasis on soft skills, targeting accidental complexity, and launching the project on the right course while preserving plenty of alternatives. The talk emphasizes three areas of concern for bootstrapping a new software project: People, Process and Product.


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