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Angular Summit – East 2016

Yakov Fain presenting on Angular 2 Tooling

Angular Summit – East

This week, Jack Frosch is at Angular Summit – East in Boston, MA.

Angular 2 + TypeScript is a real game-changer for Single-Page Web application development, particularly for developers coming from server-side development.

No longer is JavaScript a mess of indecipherable, nested functions. Instead, Angular 2 is component-based, bringing structure to client-side application code. Mix in TypeScript for development-time typing support and ES6/ES2015 object-oriented language syntax sugar, and client-side development with JavaScript is far less painful for developers coming from Java, Groovy, C#, etc.

(If you are confused about all the JavaScript version names like I am/was, see Ben McCormick’s useful blog post that clarifies the muddled naming history of JavaScript.)


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