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Building Beautiful Grails Apps with Twitter Bootstrap

Let’s face it: Web application developers generally make poorly designed web applications. Sure they work, but they usually look slightly less than horrible. Don’t even think about getting a responsive app that will look as nice on a tablet as on a beautiful, big monitor. All that changes with the simple addition of Twitter Bootstrap….

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Big data cluster provisioning at CenturyLink Cloud

On January 2015, Objistics, Inc. entered into an agreement with Yoh Services, LLC. to provide software development services to CenturyLink in St. Louis, MO.  Our role in the effort will be to develop software to support cloud-based provisioning and management of Hadoop clusters for CenturyLink Cloud customers.

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Introduction to Groovy (4 Parts + Mini-Workshop)

While on a consulting project, we started an internal Groovy user group to help get the Java developers on the same page with Groovy. Out of that came this short series of presentations and a half-day Saturday mini-workshop to review and practice the basics of Groovy. We share it here to help anyone else who…

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Jack Frosch forms internal Groovy User Group at CenturyLink St. Louis

As part of his Groovy evangelism and community outreach, Jack Frosch, founder and president of Objistics, Inc. formed an internal Groovy User Group at his client, CenturyLink (formerly Savvis Corp) in St. Louis. The group meets weekly in “lunch and learn” meetings, and will start with a four-part series of talks by Jack introducing Groovy…

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Leveraging Groovy Goodness with Spring 4.0

Anyone working with the Spring framework for any length of time knows what a time saver it can be for managing dependency injections, weaving in some AOP, wrapping complex, low-level APIs with elegant, simple abstractions and more. Now, there’s an easy way to make your Spring beans even simpler to define, declare, and use to…

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Introduction to Grails, Part II

In Part I of this two-part talk, we introduced Grails. In that talk, we covered the basics of getting started with Grails, dynamic and static scaffolding, and domain class and GORM CRUD basics. For good measure, we also included a few Groovy basics for those coming to Grails without any groovy background. Those were just…

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