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Building a Grails Microservice Federation

At the 2015 national SpringOne/2GX conference in Washington, D.C., we presented a talk on the very hot topic of microservice architectures and how Grails apps can play a role in those architectures.

Grails developers have long loved Grails as a platform for building robust, albeit monolithic, web applications. Then Grails 2.3 gave us powerful server-side REST improvements. Grails 3 is based on Spring Boot, giving us the ability for building standalone JARs and leveraging Boot capabilities.

This evolution has brought us to the point where we can finally build a federation of loosely-coupled microservices with smaller, more focused, more easily maintained codebases resulting in applications that are trivially easy to deploy and scale and resilient to failure.

In this session, we examined core concepts of microservices, constructed some Grails microservices, then showed the development of a small federation of microservices using Grails and Spring Cloud components. We showed Grails’ automatic data conversion and marshaling to and from microservice domain objects, then discussed the importance of metrics and monitoring, log aggregation, and techniques for implementing security.

Of course, for all the benefits of a microservice architecture, the story is not all sunshine and lollipops, so we include some discussion of the disadvantages and pain points of adopting a microservice architecture.


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