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Training Services

We’re passionate about acquiring knowledge on modern software development languages, methodologies, practices, and tools. We coalesce what we’ve learned and share it in articles, presentations, webinars, and affordable workshops you can easily consume and immediately apply on your project.

We specialize in training traditional Java(tm) developers to master Groovy, the dynamic and functional language cousin of Java(tm), as well as the high productivity Grails web application framework.


We deliver superior

Application Development

Leveraging 20 years of experience with the Java(tm) platform, decades of commitment to leading and mentoring developers, and a background in engineering and project management, our expertise in application development uniquely positions us to help organizations bring their applications from requirements to release, on time and on budget.

We specialize in Groovy and Grails application development to deliver the most application features in the least amount of development time, saving you money and getting your application to market faster than is possible with traditional Java(tm) web framework development.

Application Development

Objistics, Inc. delivers superior consulting and training services to organizations seeking competitive advantage through custom software solutions.

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